Sunday, October 14, 2007

anilthakraneyonsunday: Troubled gods

anilthakraneyonsunday: Troubled gods

One cannot get God involved in the problems we have invited upon ourselves.

If you look back at who started these issues, first our wonderful politicians, majority of the blokes on their way out, one foot in the grave.

They do not want our future generation to have a decent living. All they want is power.

Then come you guys, News! glorifying the characters by calling them DONS, Supremos and the like, just to get your sales up and declare

that you are No1. These animals who see themselves on the front page, think they have landed.

Do your people know that the real Dons never troubled/killed the common man. They would rob the rich and give to the poor. Kill one

another to keep their territorities. That in a democracy there are no chiefs. There are only leaders, that is if they do good for their country


The guys who are carrying out these crimes, have no religion. They are wimps. Ask them to defend themselves against real men, for

instance, a bout in the ring. They will shit.

Then comes the public. I did not see. I did not hear & did not speak. They do not realize that today for me, tomorrow it would be their


Anyway Anil to liven things up. Cheers! He will surely take care of us. He is just trying us out.